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Year of the Dog

Tracing a beloved hound's adventures, from stolen pizza to becoming "Best Boy CEO", this is a collection of comics to record life with a dog, where every calendar year somehow becomes...Year of the Dog.

8" x 8", 136 pages

A collected print edition of the comics, originally published on Instagram. Dedicated to the memory of best boy Thrasos.

Where to Buy (Physical Copy)

Barnes and Noble (US) (US)

Amazon (US)

Indigo (CANADA)

Amazon (CANADA)

(Note: If buying from Amazon, please check to make sure it's the "sold and ships from Amazon" option, rather than a third party seller. It should be available/listed on your local country's version of Amazon)

Where to Buy (Digital Copy)

Gumroad (PDF Version)

Blog post about publishing Year of the Dog

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