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Updates on The Crosswind Cafe

I had this insane idea that I would be able to to 3-4 Crosswind Cafe stories a year - famous last words, as I'm coming up to maybe a single story per year if I'm lucky.

I should have known that things always get out of hand - the logistics of making a story up front with no publishing advance means having to work at the same time. Added to that, the second story ballooned from "a 20 page story", to a 75 page story, so things are taking...well, longer than anticipated.

But my thinking behind The Crosswind Cafe was always to make something relatively uninhibited - by length, by the conventions of what comics are "supposed to be". The best way to go about that felt like to go it alone, at least for now, to feel things out and then maybe have it become something later. So, for now balancing this patchwork life of paying work and feeling out personal projects still feels like the best compromise. Onwards and upwards?

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